Survey Says London is Better than Paris

published on November 22, 2010 by

Do you believe that London is better than Paris? Following in the wake of London garnering the prestigious “World’s Best Destination” award at the 17th annual World Travel Awards gala held November 7, 2010, comes that official finding from a survey commissioned by the French themselves.

As chronicled by on November 19, French officials have conceded that London offers a better tourism experience than Paris. The report, titled “Twenty Four Hours in a Tourist Capital,” was authorized by the Paris-Ile de France Regional Tourism Committee (CRT). It placed London first ahead of the five other European cities of Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

In the French report, London is accepted as the more impressive city in every aspect, from its restaurants and taxis to its landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and the famous Tower of London. The findings come despite Parisians boasting that nowhere beats their restaurants and tourist attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower.

In the survey London scored 82% for its welcome to visitors from abroad. This was followed by Paris and Amsterdam in joint second place on 79%. Madrid and Rome were tied at third, both with 76%, while Berlin was last with 74%.

Undercover French investigators concluded that public transport in Paris was poor, with tickets difficult to buy and the Metro old and dirty. Hotels scored 74% compared with 89% for those in London.

Committee head Jean-Pierre Blat said: “The survey reflects reality. Paris knows how to welcome visitors but there are definite improvements to make.” He also suggested the French were often the most critical of their own capital, which may explain the result.

The main fault found in London was the lack of foreign languages. Mr Blat said: “In Paris, besides French we speak English, Italian, and Spanish, while in London they only speak English.”

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