7 Gift Ideas for People who Love to Travel

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For people who love to travel, whether it’s across the country or across the world, there’s nothing better than receiving a travel-related gift for the holidays. If you’re looking for ideas for your favorite globe trekker, here are 7 to get you started.


  1. Noise Canceling Headphones
    Noisy airplane engines, noisy kids, noisy seatmates – it’s blissful to be able to tune out the world and relax in silence, or with a personal choice of music. Noise canceling ear buds are also available.
  2. Head Rest
    A number of different types of inflatable head rests have been created that not only provide that much needed opportunity to just let go and rest, but also can take up very little room in pocket, purse, or carry-on.
  3. Apps for Smart Phones, I-Pods and I-Pads
    There is a fascinating plethora of travel apps available, and more coming out every day. Full guide books can now be found as apps. Individual apps are available for monetary conversion, language translation, weather, restaurant reviews, upgrades – think of any information a traveler might want, and you’ll probably find an app for it!
  4. Cord Organizer
    Your traveler will undoubtedly be bringing a number of electronics that trail along their own baggage of cords. A good cord organizer will help keep everything untangled, and they’ll just need to plug in one thing.
  5. Electric Plug Converter
    The United States and Canada use 110-volt electricity, but most countries outside North America use 220-volt electricity. In order to use electrical appliances (think hair dryer) or electronics in foreign countries your traveler will need a converter.
  6. For the Fun of It:

  7. Talking Globe
    Touch a spot on the globe and your traveler will be treated with information about the country, places for sightseeing, even history. This is a great gift if your traveler is still in the “Wishful Thinking” stage.
  8. Priority Pass Membership
    For travelers who have to be budget-minded and travel with few frills, this will be a real treat. They’ll have access to airport business class lounges even if they’re schlepping their backpack in coach.

And remember – the gift of travel itself is always a good idea to wrap up and put a bow on, too. A week at a timeshare rental that’s part of a luxury resort at a dream destination is sure to make your traveler’s eyes sparkle this holiday.

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