Travel Nightmare! Why the Super Bowl Should Be Kept in Miami

published on February 3, 2011 by

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday! For you millions of fans, this long-awaited Holy Grail celebration of all things Football is here. Many of you will even be enjoying the excitement in person, with tickets in hand and a trip to Dallas. But, have you seen these headlines?

“Super Bowl Travel Nightmare: Ice Storm Closes Dallas Airport.”

Now, Dallas is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to visit, but no one ever said it was a banana belt in the winter time.

So, maybe the NFL officials need to re-think where the Super Bowl should be held from now on. If the winter of 2011 is any indication, cold, snow, and ice will continue to plague winter travelers more every year, even in our more southern latitudes.

One place that is Not getting snow is Miami Beach, Florida. What would you think of Miami Beach being the permanent home of the Super Bowl? Even beautifully southern New Orleans has been having ice and sleet this week. San Diego might be a contender – nary an ice storm here, and average February temps are in the 60’s. But Miami is in the 70’s and 80’s in February and is hot enough to be running a Heat Index in its weather forecasts.

With shirt-sleeve weather and warm beach water temperatures, Miami is definitely a great winter getaway destination, and the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse. And there are many wonderful, budget-friendly timeshare rentals to be had in the Miami area. For example, if the Super Bowl were in Miami this year, you could stay at a timeshare rental at the Clarion Suites Crystal Beach and Health Club for just $57/night. Or at a Solara Surfside Resort timeshare rental for $71/night.

Miami is full of fun things to do to keep Super Bowl fans busy before and after the big game, too. Did you know that Everglades National Park is just 20 miles from the city? This incomparable 1.5 million-acre wilderness reserve has been designated a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve, as well as a Wetland of International Importance.

For another fun, exotic experience walk the mile of trails at Parrot Jungle Island, and get up close and personal with the many colorful parrots, macaws and cockatoos. And don’t miss the Miami Seaquarium, with it’s marine life exhibits and daily whale and dolphin shows.

Of course, enjoying sun, sand, and surf is a key component of any February vacation to Miami, and the area abounds with numerous beaches – 15 miles of them to be exact.

So what say you, Super Bowl fans? How about leaving the hassles of winter weather behind? Let’s embrace marvelous – and warm – Miami for our yearly February Super Bowl pilgrimage. Either that or move the Super Bowl to July.

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