5 Fun Winter Activities at Smugglers’ Notch Resort

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There are many adventures awaiting your family when you rent a Smugglers’ Notch Resort timeshare this winter. Smugglers’ Notch Resort is a year-round family vacation destination, and features non-stop fun. Here are 5 Fun Winter Activities offered by Smugglers’ Notch Resort.

  1. Skiing and Snowboarding
    Available for all ages and abilities, you’ll enjoy swooshing over sparkling snow on 78 trails across 1000 acres of terrain on 3 mountains. The resort’s award-winning Snow Sports University teaches skiing and boarding to kids ages 3-17, and also offers a program designed specifically for adults. Even toddlers as young as 2 1/2 are introduced to skiing with games and instruction through Treasures Child Care Center.
  2. Dog Sledding
    Muddy Paws Dog Sled teams whisk all ages of mushers over picturesque snow-covered trails around the resort, for the thrill ride of a lifetime. With the wind in your hair you’re pulled along by powerful dogs who love doing what they were bred for. Smugglers’ Notch also offers off-site dog sledding adventures through award winning Eden Mountain Dog Sledding.

    “The enthusiasm of the sled dogs for their work is contagious. This is an outing that guests love to tell their friends about,” says Stacey Comishock, activities director.

  3. Airboarding
    An Airboard is an inflated sled similar in look and weight to a water raft. Grooves on the bottom of the Airboard act as edges to facilitate steering, and the smooth bottom assures a speedy ride. First time users participate in a short instructional clinic and then venture out on their own to the Hibernator Trail in the Morse Highlands trail network. Squeals, shrieks, and laughter announce when an Airboarding session is open.
  4. Snowshoeing to Dinner
    Adults seeking a dramatic dining experience can snowshoe to dinner on a mountain top. Join the Top of the Notch Adventure Dinner on the Sterling Mountain summit where you’ll ride a ski lift to the warming cabin on the summit. After savoring a gourmet meal by candlelight prepared by the resort’s Hearth & Candle Restaurant, the evening ends with a 40-minute snowshoe trek back down the mountain.

    “It’s a breathtakingly beautiful descent on snowshoes from the Top of the Notch dinner, particularly if there’s a full moon or a clear starry night,” notes Bob Mulcahy, Smugglers’ Notch president.

  5. Winter Walking
    Fun and easy for the entire family, this is the way to truly enjoy Vermont’s winter wonderland. As you take a walk with a guide through snow-covered meadows and woods you’ll enjoy beautiful scenery, fresh air, and good company.

And, check out this video with even more fun activities!

What are you waiting for? There’s too much fun going on at Smugglers’ Notch and you don’t want to miss it. Reserve your timeshare rental right now!

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