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Many people are under the wrong impression that having a family means the end of fun, timeshare vacations, and anything relaxing until the kids are all grown up. Kids make life more exciting, but you can still go on vacations and have a great time with them. Traveling with babies just requires a little extra planning and organization for a picture perfect trip. Contrary to what many believe, sometimes it’s easier to travel with a baby as opposed to a toddler or an older child. Usually, once a baby’s needs are taken care of, he has no problem sitting in a stroller all day, taking in the sites.

Invest in a Carrier or Lightweight Stroller
Before traveling it is a worthwhile investment to purchase a baby carrier and/or a lightweight stroller. A carrier is great for hikes or walking through unpaved and rocky terrain. They are also convenient if you have to carry the baby through customs due to regulations. A lightweight stroller is also useful because it doesn’t take up much room in lines, it’s easy to lift and store on a plane, and when you’re carrying suitcases and luggage, it makes the load that much lighter. Lightweight strollers are extremely affordable, and an investment in the future if you’re a frequent traveler.

Consider Auto Transport
Auto transport is an excellent service for long trips or a move. It’s often nice to have the convenience of your own car, with the car seat already installed, on an extended trip, but a long drive with a crying baby can be a nightmare. Research auto transport rates, and book with a professional company, and fly to your destination with a much happier baby and parents.

If your baby is bottle fed, bring along enough formula and bottled water for the first few days. The same goes for spit up diapers and clothes. Before you go, make sure that you will be able to obtain your baby’s formula wherever you will be staying. Although they’re more expensive, pre-made bottles can be a lifesaver on a crowded plane, rather than trying to pour water into the bottle during a turbulent stretch, with a crying baby on your lap, and formula coating everyone around you. Just remember that airlines do not allow liquids over 100 ml through security, so buy small individual bottles.

Try to Take a Night Flight
Babies usually have an easier time settling down and sleeping during night flights when they are naturally sleepy. It may also help them get over their jet lag. The one thing you don’t want is to touch down with a cranky baby who is off the schedule that you worked so hard to establish.

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Amy Trip is a travel expert who has become so based on some great, and some not so wonderful experiences, with her own baby. She recommends auto transport for long trips.

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