Travel to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Wildlife Wednesdays

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom celebrates “Wildlife Wednesdays” so it’s only appropriate that we explore this remarkable place today. Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is a unique blend of a theme park and real-life interaction with wild animals, all put together as only the magic of Disney can. Rent a timeshare and check this incredible place out yourself.

Besides offering guests the exciting opportunity to go on “safari” and witness many of Africa’s beautiful animals in a natural-type setting, the Disney Corporation is also involved in world-wide conservation. And this summer Disney achieved an elephant conservation milestone.

Happy Birthday to baby elephant, Luna, who celebrated her first birthday in May. Being a typical kid, it’s reported that Luna’s favorite things to do are play with the other elephant youngsters in the mud wallow on the Kilimanjaro Safaris, and chase the native birds.

The births of 5 baby elephants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom since 2003 represent a conservation milestone since the number of elephants in North American zoological facilities and wildlife centers has been dwindling. Disney’s Animal Kingdom participates in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Elephant Species Survival Plan.

“Research has shown that when people see elephants and other wildlife face-to-face, they feel a strong connection and are motivated to take action to protect wildlife and nature,” states a Disney official. “And having elephant babies at the Animal Kingdom enables the elephants to live in herds with moms, “aunties” and other youngsters, as they would in the wild.”

On your trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ll not only get to see baby Luna (see photo) and her friends romping through the savanna on the Kilamanjaro Safari, but you can also take a Backstage Safari Tour. This special 3-hour tour gives you an insider’s look at the innovative ways that Disney cares for its animal inhabitants – 1700 animals representing over 250 species. You’ll see how Disney’s wildlife specialists meet the unique challenges of animal care and behavior – all while running a lushly landscaped Disney Theme Park and promoting wildlife conservation.

And when you’re ready for some just plain fun, head to Expedition Everest, a high-altitude, high-speed roller coaster that is widely considered one of the best rides and one of the most exciting attractions in Walt Disney World.

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