What Is ARDA-ROC and What Are They All About?

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This article is printed with permission by author Lisa Ann Schreier.

If you check out the ARDA-ROC site you will see the following Mission Statement:

The ARDA Resort Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC) is a non-profit program sponsored by the American Resort Development Association, dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing vacation ownership. ARDA-ROC is an alliance of owners, developers and managers who are committed to advocating for local, state and federal policies that enable the vacation ownership industry to thrive.

OK, what does that mean? That means that they are actively engaged in working for things that enhance and help timeshare and timeshare owners and against things that would be a detriment to the industry and owners.

In addition to some very important legislative issues, some of which will be covered in future posts, ARDA-ROC has a great page dedicated to timeshare resales and resale scams. There are any number of places that consumers can turn to in an attempt to get information on timeshare resales and I congratulate ARDA-ROC for joining the ranks and getting this unbiased information out to the public.

Timeshare owners need to educate themselves. No one in or on the fringes of the industry, like myself, can force owners to get the education and stop falling prey to scammers and less than scrupulous companies and organizations.

If you’re a timeshare owner, I know all too well that you purchased your timeshare(s) with the intent on using them and enjoying them, NOT to become educated on the pros and cons, myths and truths. But why, oh why would you NOT want to find out more about timeshare, how to use it, how not to get ripped off, etc.?

Check out ARDA-ROC for a start and remember, Educate Yourself, Open Your Mind, Get Involved. Lisa Ann Schreier, The Timeshare Crusader.

About Lisa Ann Schreier: Lisa Ann Schreier, The Timeshare Crusader, is a former timeshare salesperson and the author of both “Surviving A Timeshare Presentation…Confessions From The Sales Table” and “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies.” She is the founder and director of the consumer information site Timeshare Insights and is currently working on her third consumer book, due out later this year.

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