Bloggers Spread the Word About Timeshare Rentals

published on October 3, 2011 by .

Timeshare marketplace is mobilizing the blogger community to spread the word about timeshare rentals. Via a new promotion on Tomoson’s “Word of Mouth Marketing” website, RedWeek is offering a free 1-Year RedWeek Membership to bloggers who write about the benefits of rent a timeshare on RedWeek.

“I would highly recommend checking out RedWeek for all of your vacation needs,” writes Melissa Roach of North Carolina, on the FrugalFabulousFinds blog. “There is nothing better than saving you and your family money when it comes to traveling. Not only can you find great resorts at a low price, but you can compare as well. Instead of staying at a hotel with limited features, why not stay at a resort that offers spacious room, free activities and fun for the whole family.”

As part of our Tomoson promotion, RedWeek authorizes qualified bloggers to give away a 2-Year RedWeek Membership to one lucky reader. Bloggers who wish to connect with RedWeek via Tomoson can do so by going to, searching for, and clicking on the “Apply to Review Product” link.

Tomoson leverages the power of the Internet by influencing the influencers: Bloggers. Bloggers create large amounts of online content which loyal readers follow religiously. The Tomoson site brings bloggers and businesses together, and creates a way of organizing the reviews and giveaways for both parties.

“We get many enthusiastic reviews from Tomoson users, especially those new to RedWeek and timeshare rentals,” said Michael Reeps, director of web design and development at “For their part, Tomoson bloggers and users learn about an exciting family vacation option.”

Alicia Taylor, from Minnesota, is typical of a timeshare rental “newbie” as she writes in her FreeNClearStuff blog:

“To be honest, I was very surprised with what I found on Hotels in Orlando are frequently expensive – and you end up with your family of four stuffed into a small hotel room sharing 2 beds – the room is not the highlight of your vacation. If you have a larger family (we have 6), you may need to rent two separate rooms. Since Orlando is one of my favorite vacation destinations (and the place I know the most about in terms of resort and hotel pricing), I did a search to see what I can find there. I was truly amazed!! There were a TON of great timeshare rentals – and they were even more budget-friendly than I imagined!”

In Texas Cyndy Lay expressed the same surprise in her YankeeTexanMom blog:

“Recently I had the opportunity to try I had not heard of the site before and, to be honest, I was a little skeptical. When I think of timeshares, I think of someone trying hard to sell me something. isn’t about selling us a timeshare, it’s about timeshare vacation rentals. In the end, I may have found the solution to next year’s family vacation! Not only the solution, but one that won’t break the budget!!”

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