Best Places to Travel for Autumn Leaves – Part 1

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Fall is in full swing, and that means planning timeshare rental vacations to see beautiful Autumn leaves. Although New England is, of course, the quintessential area in the U.S. to glory in Autumn’s dazzling color palate, other places across the country can rightfully vie for your attention, as well.

In our 2-Part series we’ll give you suggestions of many places across the country where you can not only enjoy the beauty of Autumn, but also find remarkable budget-friendly timeshare rentals this time of year.

Here are your first four:

  1. Park City, UT. Before the snow flies at this popular ski resort, it’s dressed in autumn finery. Fall Timeshare rentals at Park City start as are as low as $39/night.
  2. Great Smoky Mountain National Park, TN. Known as the “Wildflower National Park” in the spring, Autumn’s crimson and gold carpet that covers this Park is just as remarkable. Rent an Autumn timeshare in nearby Gatlinburg for just $59/night.
  3. Lake Tahoe, CA. The deep blue of this large alpine lake is the perfect backdrop to the shimmering golden aspen of the West. Rent a Lake Tahoe timeshare this fall for only $18/night.
  4. Wisconsin Dells, WI. An area that rivals New England for the breathtaking beauty of Fall, you can rent an Autumn Wisconsin Dells timeshare for just $28/night.

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