Timeshare Travel this Holiday? Follow These 7 Tips for Braving Airline Security with Your Children

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We’re rapidly heading into the busiest travel days of the year, and many of you are undoubtedly planning holiday timeshare vacations with your family that involve airline travel.

You’ll be glad to know that the TSA is changing the pat-down rules for children. Many of the world’s busiest airports are taking steps to make security more family friendly.

In the United States, the TSA is in the process of making pat-downs less likely for children, writes Jill Martin Wrenn, special reporter to CNN. Passengers who are younger than 12 will be allowed to pass through the metal detector more than once rather than getting patted down immediately after triggering the alarm.

“These modified procedures offer options to greatly reduce, but not eliminate, a pat-down for children 12 and under,” says TSA spokesman Greg Soule. Under the new guidelines, the younger travelers also will be able to keep wearing their shoes instead of sending them through the X-ray machine.

The following 7 tips listed by Wrenn in her online article should help streamline the security process for you and your children:

1. Review restrictions: If you plan to bring breast milk, formula or other baby-related liquids for the flight, check the online guidelines of the TSA, or the international airport operator.

2. Arrive early: Make sure to leave plenty of time at the airport to allow for security surprises, or other unexpected delays.

3. Pick the right lane: Many airports offer security lines earmarked for travelers with young children, who will need extra assistance.

4. Preview the process: The best thing is to prepare the children for what’s going to happen. Check out “Traveling with Kids” on the TSA web site.

5. Free your hands: Putting a baby in a carrier attached to a parent leaves hands free for luggage – and for keeping toddlers from running amok.

6. Share the load: Families with two adults can divide and conquer. One can supervise the children while the other folds the stroller and gets the bags through the X-ray machine.

7. Keep calm: If you lose your cool, your children probably will, too.

Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving or Christmas in your own timeshare, a timeshare exchange, or a budget-friendly timeshare rental, these suggestions can help make the plane flight a bit easier.

Read Jill Martin Wrenn’s article in its entirety.

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