Make Your Oahu Timeshare Vacation Local-Style – Part 2

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In Part 2 of our 2-Part series of how to go “local” on your Hawaii timeshare vacation on Oahu, we continue to follow our local guide, Karl, as he shows us several more ways to enjoy the island as the locals do.

Visit downtown Honolulu: Oahu has a large immigrant population that is a significant influence on the local culture. In downtown Honolulu, there are many authentic restaurants to visit in Chinatown along with museums and other cultural attractions nearby. Don’t miss Iolani Palace where the monarchs of Hawaii once ruled. There are also several beautiful Buddhist temples that welcome visitors – just follow the scent of incense in the air.

Eat local: Hawaiian residents love two things: Poke and plate lunches. Poke is essentially a Hawaiian version of sushi. Small shops abound around the island – “Ono’s” on Kapahulu Boulevard just outside Waikiki is one of the best – where Ahi Tuna, Octopus and many other varieties can be found at relatively inexpensive prices. There are also a number of shops – such as the L&L – that serve the uber-Hawaiian plate lunch.

The plate lunch is a “take away kind of eating.” Standard plate lunches consist of two scoops of white rice, a scoop of macaroni salad or fried noodles, and a main entrée. Popular entrees include Asian: chicken katsu, teriyaki beef, kalbi; American: hamburger steak (top with a fried sunny-side-up egg and it’s Loco Moco); and for a true Hawaiian influence: kalua pork and lau lau, along with sides of lomi lomi salmon and haupai.

Hula Dancing: You don’t have to pay $50 or more for a luau to see Hula dancing on Oahu. There are frequent sunset performances along Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki and once a week the Royal Hawaiian hotel offers a paid luau on the beach. Since all beaches are public in Hawaii, there is nothing to stop you from taking a seat on the beach and catching the performance free-of-charge.

The best way to experience a truly “local” experience on Oahu is to get out and meet a few of the island’s residents. Most are extremely friendly and insanely proud of their island. Treat them with respect and they will reveal many more of the treasures Oahu contains.

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About our guest author:
Karl N. is an avid traveler, and someone who loves an adventure. Karl also enjoys spending his time writing. As you can see, he is an enthusiastic fan of Hawaii. For this very reason he decided to write up a guide for would be Hawaii travelers. Be sure to visit the Hawaii Travel Guide to learn about the Hawaiian Islands.

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