Spring Break and 8 Top iPad Travel Apps

published on March 9, 2012 by

Have iPad Will Travel! Just in time for Spring Break timeshare vacations and the start of the 2012 travel season comes this list of Top 8 iPad travel apps (so far) for 2012, as compiled by the web sites Market Watch and PhoneReview.

1. XE Currency Converter – a currency converter will obviously come in very handy when working out how much things cost when abroad.

2. Google Translate – translates differing languages so you don’t have to struggle to find that word you are looking for when conversing in a foreign country, and it does have the ability to translate from speech.

3. HG2 app – packed full of local knowledge of hot spots, nightclubs, pubs and bars in numerous cities, it’s an essential guide that covers 41 cities.

4. Kindle app – for those long flights or airport layovers when you just might like something to read; basically turns your iOS slate into an ereader so you can access the Amazon Strorefront and grab some reading material for your journey.

5. Packing Pro – a handy check list of what things you want to pack for your trip; also, put in the type of trip you are going on and this app will offer suggestions on what you should pack.

6. Urbanspoon (see photo) – can suggest a restaurant for you based on price range, cuisine, and neighborhood, or you can simply opt to give your iPad a shake and you’ll get a random suggestion.

7. TourWrist – makes it possible for the you to create a 360-degree panorama of your travels, capturing views from wherever you visit. You can also get inspiration by viewing other travelers’ tours.

8. Twitter app – to keep up with your Twitter updates while on your travels. You can also use Twitter to find out what a place is really like from people who have already been there, and from bloggers and businesses in that area.

There are many more travel apps out there for the iPad. Have a favorite not listed here? Share it in the comments below!

Armed with your handy travel apps, you’re ready to see the world. Budget-friendly timeshare rentals are available across the globe for great savings.

Photo Credit: urbanspoon.com