What’s the Best Way to Support Timeshare Education?

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April’s “Ask The Timeshare Crusader” question comes from Savannah:

I’ve been reading your blog and your forum here on RedWeek.com for some time now and I noticed that one of your favorite topics is timeshare education. I agree that it is something that is needed. Why is there so little and what is a concerned timeshare owner to do?

Lisa Ann Schreier’s Answer:
Thanks for the kind words and great question. Indeed, I firmly believe that 85 percent of the issues and problems that both individual timeshare owners and timeshare resorts face could be overcome with education. There’s too little unbiased education out there because the parties involved can’t seem to agree on where it should come from.

One thing that you should do in addition to keeping up to date with your reading (both on the RedWeek.com forums and with publications such asTimeSharing Today) is to talk with the resort manager/general manager of your home resort(s) and ask some in-depth questions as to why they aren’t providing more information. At the least it can start a conversation; at best, they may actually do something about it.

Some management companies such as Vacation Resorts International do provide education through newsletters and other communications, but I agree that more has to be done.

It’s a timely question because it is one of the topics that will be discussed at the Timeshare Board Members Association meeting later this month. I’m going to reference your question during my segment at the meeting as an example of owners asking for more education.

If all goes as I hope it will, there will be more information and education shared through owner newsletters and other forms of communication in the near future.

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