How to Be a Responsible Timeshare Guest and Help Save the Environment on Your Travels

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Thousands of tons of carbon dioxide are being thrown into the air every second of the day. How long can nature handle such tremendous stress? And what is your role in this scenario as a globe-trotting traveler?
Caused due to the burning of fossil fuels and the carbon dioxide that’s released, global warming is a true symptom of travel. Yet in order to halt the march of global warming, we can all do our bit. Here are a few ideas to help you on your way to becoming a more responsibly minded timeshare guest.
Use Public Transport. Whenever you are out away from your timeshare, ensure that you travel by public transportation systems instead of private cars or taxis. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also help you learn a lot more about the place you’ve chosen to holiday in too!
Since using public transport will often involve you having to ask for directions and interact with the locals, you get a richer experience. You can also give preference to electric trains rather than buses or diesel vehicles; or if the place you’re going sight-seeing is not that far away, you can always walk too.
Keep Your Energy Expenditure in Your Timeshare to a Minimum. Another important thing you can do to become more eco-conscious is to remember to turn off the power in the rooms of your timeshare when you don’t need them. If the temperature is normal and bearable, you do not need to turn on the heater or the air conditioner on either. If the weather is balmy, turn off the air cooler in your room. The environment will thank you for it!
Switch off the lights of the bathroom don’t leave your timeshares TV running all night and day long, no matter how good those foreign programs are! Heavy electrical devices like the television consume a lot of energy and let’s face it, who goes on a vacation to watch TV anyway? Go for a walk around the neighborhood of your timeshare and get to know the place better instead!
Opt for a Green-Energy Efficient Timeshare. Another way to cut down on your energy use is to select your timeshare carefully. Many options do their bit to help save the environment – you can even find examples with solar energy panels and solar water heating systems too! 
By maintaining cleanliness, limiting your waste and recycling during your stay, you can rest assured that you’re really doing your bit to help. It’s not too late for you to become the eco-conscious traveler you always wanted to be!
This post was written by Will Peach, editor of the gap year travel site and the overland travel magazine
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