Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Venus Transits the Sun

published on June 5, 2012 by .

Today Venus transits the sun, which means that Venus passes between the sun and the earth, and with the proper protective eye equipment you’ll be able to watch this rare event. The last time this astronomical event occurred was in 2004, and it won’t happen again until 2117.

Our #TravelTuesday photo is from the 2004 transit, taken from Flager Beach Pier in Florida. You can see the small dot of Venus near the right rim of the sun.

An interesting bit of trivia: In the era of the telescope, there’s been 258 Total Solar Eclipses, but only eight Venus Transits, including today’s. (Neil deGrasse Tyson).

This photo is courtesy of gateway.co.uk.

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