Tips for Healthy Travel on Your Timeshare Vacation

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The summer travel season is upon us, and many of you are already planning your timeshare vacation. Traveling is never easy and with all the lack of rest as well as outside food we are forced to consume, falling ill is a possibility. So, how do you stay healthy and avoid the doctor? A few simple tips and alteration in lifestyle go a long way in eliminating several health risks. It is not only bad food or lack of nutrition that takes a toll. Fatigue and lack of exercise too are contributing factors.

The Timeshare Plan 

• Breakfast. One of the great things about a timeshare vacation, whether you own or are renting, is that you have your own kitchen. This allows you to fix healthy breakfasts and not have to rely on hotel breakfasts that are high in calories and fats. Fruits are healthy as well as delicious, whole grain cereals are filling and yogurt aids digestion, something you need to consider if you are visiting a foreign country.

• Lunch. A light lunch is better. Loading your stomach with food, and dessert as well, will make you feel stuffed and ill at ease while traveling. If you are going for a bumpy bus ride, a heavy lunch is a recipe for disaster. Salads and vegetable sandwiches in moderation are good. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself with water. Alcohol intake should be limited.

• Exercise. You might notice that you put on weight after each trip. Blame it on the calorific menu and a lazy schedule. A run on the treadmill at the timeshare resort’s exercise facility, or even a few laps in the pool, not only relax you but also help digestion. Exercise also aids your immune system. You can even pack in a skipping rope or jog in front of your TV set if you prefer working out alone.

The Airplane Plan 

• Not everyone can handle plane travel with ease. It helps a lot if you are feeling fine when you board the plane. If you are already ill, the stress and queasiness will make you feel a hundred times worse. If it is a psychological problem relating to stress, then drink green tea or some warm beverage to soothe the nerves.

• Layered clothing of a comfortable fabric too is good. If it’s a night flight, try not to use the airline provided pillow and blanket especially if you have an allergy. If you are on medication or suffer from an allergy, keep your medication handy in case of an emergency. Drinking water and staying hydrated helps.

• Avoid airline alcohol as it contains more sodium and this can lead to swelling of hands and feet. Never fly hungry. At least have a light meal and try to take some snack along. Packing your own food is the best option if you need food low on cholesterol or sodium or even vegetarian food.

General Tips
• Be wary of the hygiene standards wherever you eat
• Wash your hands or use a sanitizer
• Keep a handkerchief handy and tissues too
• Sunscreen and other forms of weather protection are a must
• Travel light, as carting heavy baggage is exhausting. Most timeshares come with a washer and dryer.

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