Are You Up-To-Date on Your Vaccinations for Your Summer Timeshare Vacation?

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With timeshare rentals available all around the world, you might find yourself planning a summer timeshare vacation in a country where you’ll need to also plan for vaccinations. Dr. Vivien Brown, international speaker on health prevention and wellness, offers this timely information:

1. Up to date tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough). A national survey found less than 47% of adults were properly immunize for tetanus.

2. Consider hepatitis risks. The hepatitis A vaccine is given in two doses 6 months apart. Hepatitis B vaccine is given through 3 injections over months, or can be accelerated over 3 weeks. Hepatitis affects millions of North Americans and is a serious health problem in parts of Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

3. Check to determine if certain vaccines are required such as Yellow Fever for travel to sub-Saharan Africa or South America.

4. Safer sex, consider Hepatitis B and HPV immunization as well as barrier methods of protection.

5. Born after 1970? Check your status regarding measles and mumps as there have been recent outbreaks in Europe in under immunized populations. You need two shots and many people have only had one.

6. Consider quadrivalent meningitis immunization as it is available, safe and will protect you from a deadly, though infrequent, disease.

7. Consider typhoid fever vaccine especially for travel to the Indian subcontinent or prolonged travel off usual tourist routes.

8. For those who want or need additional protection an oral vaccine is available to reduce the risk of travelers’ diarrhea.

Check with your doctor, and if you have questions about travel to specific countries you can also check with the State Department. “Some vaccines require a series over time and the best way to protect yourself is to plan ahead,” says Dr. Brown.

There are many great timeshare rentals and timeshare exchanges available this summer around the globe.

Read Dr. Brown’s article on travel vaccinations in its entirety.

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