4 Quintessentially English Things to do in England on Your Timeshare Vacation

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Are you planning a timeshare rental vacation in England? What with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the London Olympics 2012, and now the Paralympics 2012 which are currently underway, you’ve heard a lot about England this year.

There are hundreds of activities you can look forward to while you’re in Merry Old England. From boat trips to sightseeing tours and from walks along the beach to taking in a West End show, this beautiful country offers so much for every visitor. However, there are times when you need to do as the locals do, so here are a few quintessentially English things you should consider doing during your stay.

1. Afternoon Tea (see top photo). Afternoon tea has been an English institution for many years, and a large number of restaurants and hotels offer some sort of variation on this pleasant and dignified meal. Be sure to choose a place that offers a variety of tea blends – don’t just settle for somewhere that provides a pot of tea and a couple of scones. A genuine English afternoon tea will also include freshly prepared finger sandwiches and a tempting choice of delicate cakes and biscuits.

2. A Walk in the Park. Wherever you happen to be in England, even in the midst of a bustling city, you won’t be far away from some wide open spaces. Public parks are the perfect place to go when you feel the need for a little tranquility, and on a warm afternoon it can be wonderful to sit on the grass, eat an ice cream and watch the world go by. Visitors to London will be pleasantly surprised at the sheer number of parks in this iconic capital. Regent’s Park (see photo) is one of eight “Royal Parks” of London.

3. Fish and Chips. Many people who have never been to England assume the country offers little in the way of cuisine, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are huge choices when dinner time comes around, ranging from high end restaurants run by famous chefs to back street bistros offering cheap but tasty fare. Fish and chips is a meal that’s synonymous with England, so make sure you try it at least once, especially if you are staying close to the coastline.

4. See a Cricket Match. While cricket is extremely popular in some countries, in many others it’s perhaps nothing more than a quirky oddity. On a summer Saturday or Sunday, there are hundreds of amateur matches taking place in towns and villages, and spectators are always welcome. If you really want to be English for the day, pack a picnic and settle down on the grass for the whole of the afternoon.

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