Knott’s Berry Farm is Really Fun! Review from an 8-Year Old

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Written by 8-Year Old Guest Blogger, Lee W.

Most people always go to Disneyland, and so do we. But this time we went to Knott’s Berry Farm for the first time. My whole family really liked this place. There are rides that anybody, no matter how old you are, can have fun with.

My very favorite parts of Knott’s Berry Farm are the trains. They have three of them! On the “Calico Mine Ride” you get to go into a mine and see them looking for gold.

And there’s a train in Camp Snoopy for the little kids (my little sister liked this one). I really wanted to ride the Huff and Puff but I was 2 inches too tall. This train has “Pumper Cars” – that’s where you get to push and pull a handle to make yourself go down the train track.

My favorite train is called the “Grand Sierra Scenic Railroad.” It’s a real steam train and so fun to ride. It chugs you all around the park. But, you have to be careful because you might be riding when robbers get on board and they try to get your money. That happened to me!

In Camp Snoopy I really liked the Red Baron ride. I got to join famous World War I flying ace Snoopy and pilot my own Sopwith Camel! I love Snoopy. We watch the Halloween and Christmas movies every year. I asked Mom to get me a Snoopy stuffed toy, since it was my birthday. She did. Thanks mom!

Knott’s Berry Farm has some good roller coasters. My little sister liked the toddler roller coaster called “Timberline Twister.” She also picked a ride everybody in the family liked a lot, called the “Timber Mountain Log Ride.” I’m used to going on “Splash Mountain” in Disneyland with my mom. This ride was kind of like it. We sailed down the water chutes and it had an old west theme all around to look at along the way. The drop at the end was not as big as Splash Mountain, which was good for my little sister.

Knott’s Berry Farm is different from Disneyland because it’s made like the old west California Gold Rush Days. There’s a real blacksmith shop where you can get a horseshoe with your name hammered into it and a cowboy stunt show called “Fool’s Gold Stunt Show,” that was really cute and funny. And they even have a real stage coach that is pulled by real horses and we got to ride that.

My parents said that Knott’s Berry Farm is worth going to because it costs lots less than Disneyland. And if you get your tickets online before you go you can save even more money. Our whole family had lots of fun here.

Guest Blog Author: Our guest author is Lee W., who just celebrated his 8th birthday at Knott’s Berry Farm. Lee’s passion is trains, and he has volunteered at the Poway Midland Rail Road in San Diego, CA, since he was 5 years old.

Side Note: 
Knott’s Berry Farm is considered the world’s first theme park. In 1940, while still a real berry farm, Walter Knott built a themed Ghost Town to entertain diners waiting for tables at his wife’s fried chicken restaurant.

Knott’s Berry Farm is less than ten minutes from Disneyland, and is a great “best bang for your buck” park for entertainment every member of the family can enjoy. Plan to stretch your vacation budget even further by staying in an Anaheim timeshare rental, which can start as low as $86/night.

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