Timeshare Travel: The Best Reasons to Take Your Pet with You

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There is nothing more heartrending than handing your dog over to a friend, family member, or kennel owner as you depart for your holiday. As the plane starts to taxi, you begin to worry that you didn’t say goodbye properly, and your pet is bewildered and upset. ‘I should have made more of a fuss of them!’ you think morosely, as the plane leaves the ground. ‘Maybe they have forgotten me already. Maybe I should never have left them.’

This is a fairly dramatic example, but it’s true – dogs and owners do suffer huge amounts of stress when separated. And if you’re not 100% sure about the company you leave your dog in, which is often the case, it can ruin your holiday. So – here’s a novel idea – why not take your pet with you? It can be done, as many  holiday parks offer the chance to bring your pet along. Here are the best reasons why you shouldn’t let your wet-nosed friend leave your side…

It’s your chance to exercise on holiday. Your dog will require walking and play, and guess what – that’s your job. So, even if you’ve been enjoying a few beers most evenings and you haven’t been holding back on the mayo, you’ll get a chance to work it off. Having a curious dog to roam around with can also help you make the most of the local area – you’ll probably discover parts of your location that would have been undiscovered if your faithful hound hadn’t dragged you there!

You’ll never be lonely. OK, so this doesn’t apply if you go away with your family, but if you’re flying solo on your break, your dog can provide some much-needed company. Who says you need hordes of people around you to be in good company? If you’re lucky (?) enough to be taking children with you, a chance to be with their pet can ensure that they’re less crabby and fraught when they arrive at their destination.

Why risk behavioural problems or illness? Kennels are breeding grounds for all kinds of difficulties once you come home, the most problematic being your pet’s inability to deal with family life again. Being trapped in a small cage for two weeks with minimal human contact, unusual foods and the sounds of other animals is frightening for any pet – when they eventually get home, your dog may be initially shocked by the change of lifestyle. Plus, that’s not counting the potential for bites and infection from other animals.

So enjoy your holiday and enjoy your pet. There are many Pet-Friendly timeshare rentals available around the world.

Our guest author is Vicky Anscombe, who is London-born but lives and works in Norfolk. She has a small cat named Tabbeh, who inspired this article as Tabbeh has a love of water. However, he is yet to board a boat for the summer. Twitter: @vickyanscombe.

Photo Credit: k9clicking.com

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