The Family Timeshare Vacation: 3 Tips for Saving Money When Abroad in the U.S.

published on December 20, 2012 by

The United States remains a popular family vacation destination among citizens throughout the world, and its reputation as a land of opportunity is something that distinguishes it from other nations.

The nature of the country is such, however, that it often takes a long and well structured vacation to sample all it has to offer, and this can be a huge challenge given the current global economy.

Your task is to be creative in your thinking and save money where possible when planning your timeshare vacation to your chosen corner of the U.S. It is important to be selective in the areas that you choose to make savings, and prioritize the quality of your vacation ahead of everything else. 

1. Seek Out a Good Car Rental Deal: Affordable car rental deals save long term wear on your own vehicle and allows you to take flights or other modes of transportation where necessary. Most operators also offer significant discounts on long term hire agreements, so it is possible to save even more money during extended stay visits.

2. Invest in Good Quality Technology: Interacting with friends and other family members back home can be an expensive business when on the road, but the right kind of technological equipment can help to negate these costs. For example, the cost of using Smartphones as communicative tools and Internet browsers is gradually decreasing when overseas, thanks to the fact that operators are beginning to cap roaming charges. Similarly, devices with reliable Wi-Fi often allow you to tap into local Internet connections, which cut your costs even more with certain packages.

3. Enjoy a Rustic Experience: Eating out as a family can be an expensive business, especially in known tourist spots where prices are usually inflated. With this in mind, it is worth targeting areas and eateries where locals are known to dine, as this way you will be able to sample a rustic experience that is also affordable. 

Similarly, be sure to locate the local convenience stores and markets, as these are a source of good value products in instances where you choose prepare meals in your timeshare kitchen, or picnic at local parks and beaches.

The Bottom Line. The U.S. provides a wonderful traveling experience for families, with sites and activities nationwide to keep people of all ages occupied. Being aware of costs and showing a willingness to save money where possible will also help you to enjoy a longer and more rewarding vacation, and with so much to see in the U.S. this can hugely beneficial.

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