Plan your 2013 Timeshare Vacation Around the Top 5 Best Meals in America

published on January 4, 2013 by

USA Today has just listed its “Best American Bites 2012.” If you’re a foodie you’ll love using this list as a way to plan your 2013 timeshare vacations! Larry Olmsted, who writes the USA Today column Best American Bites, offers his look at the Top 5 meals in America:

1. New Orleans. You’ll find epic fried chicken at Willie Mae’s Scotch House, an off the beaten track but iconic New Orleans eatery, and a local favorite. The chicken is fried to order and comes to the table hot. Almost glazed in appearance, the crust is crunchy and crispy and perfectly seasoned. Beneath this rugged exterior, the meat is perfectly moist and juicy.

A New Orleans timeshare rental starts at just $71/night.

2. West Palm Beach. Relish offers sumptuous burgers and shakes, and although the meat is fresh ground, the emphasis here, as the name suggests, is on the toppings. The result is hundreds of combinations. Fortunately, like a sommelier, the staff is quick to recommend combinations that work perfectly together.

A West Palm Beach timeshare rental starts at just $111/night.

3. New York City. Keens is considered by many to be the best steak house in New York City, if not the entire country. The secret, of course, is in the beef. Keens not only uses USDA prime beef exclusively, but the eatery also dry-ages its own, something most other steak houses cannot lay claim to.

The chef has a long history with meat purveyors. While most restaurants just take what the distributors give them, the Keens chef goes to the market on delivery days, and personally examines and chooses the meat he will butcher and age himself.

A New York City timeshare rental starts at just $150/night

4. Baltimore. The best crab cakes in the area of the country known for crab cakes, comes from Faidley’s, whose signature lump crab cake lives up to its reputation and is truly decadent. They are known for their ultra-secret recipe which allows them to serve sweet, fresh crab without a lot of fillers, breading or spices. 

Stay in a Washington, DC, timeshare rental, less than an hour’s drive from Baltimore, for just $100/night.

5. Las Vegas. The barbecued brisket at Lynard Skynard BBQ right on the Las Vegas Strip is on par with the best barbecues in Texas and Kansas City. But it’s the smoked pork chops that has everyone talking. The entire bone-in rack of loin ribs is slow smoked before being cut into chops, resulting in meat that is extraordinarily tender and exploding with juice and flavor.

A Las Vegas timeshare rental starts at just $69/night.

Having your own kitchen in your timeshare makes it easy to save on your vacation meal budget, allowing you to splurge and eat out for a meal when your timeshare vacation finds you in one of these delicious destinations.

Photo Credits: USA Today