Timeshare Travel to Washington, DC – Presidential Inauguration Day

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There is no more exciting time to plan a timeshare vacation to our Nation’s Capital than for a Presidential Inauguration.

The 20h Amendment of the Constitution of the United States specifies that a Presidential term begins on January 20th, regardless of on what day that date falls.

It just so happens that in 2013 January 20th is a Sunday. Therefore, the President was actually sworn in yesterday during a small private ceremony which was only open to family, friends, and selected guests.

For the public, Inauguration Day this year is January 21st. Today a second Swearing-in Ceremony will take place on the west steps of the U.S. Capitol.

In Sunday’s ceremony President Obama used a bible that belongs to the First Lady’s family.

For today’s public ceremony he will use two other bibles – one that was President Abraham Lincoln’s personal bible, and the other belonged to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

No tickets are required to watch the Swearing-in Ceremony from the National Mall, where jumbo television screens have been placed.

Following the Presidential address and the Inaugural Luncheon hosted by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, the Inaugural Parade will commence at 2pm.

Participants in the parade are selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, and include marching bands from each state, marching military units, mounted units, and other performers.

Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) was chosen from more than 2,800 applicants to head the parade. Zoltan, an 11 month-old Labrador-Golden Retriever mix, will lead the other 56 dogs in the CCI parade unit. All are being trained to be service dogs.

The theme of this year’s Inaugural, “Faith in America’s Future,” celebrates the perseverance and unity of America. The 57th Inaugural also celebrates two 150th anniversaries: the Emancipation Proclamation, and the capping of the Capitol dome with the Statue of Freedom.

This year President Obama announced that the number of inaugural balls would be reduced to just two official parties in an effort to reduce government spending.

The first official ball is the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball at the Washington Convention center, which is open to select members of the US military. The second is the Inaugural Ball, also at the Washington Convention Center. A limited number of tickets were released to the public.

Many state, corporate, and private balls are held in hotels and museums around Washington, D.C.

When you plan to experience the excitement of a U.S. Presidential Inauguration in person, you’ll be happy to know that Washington, D.C., timeshare rentals will keep your trip budget-friendly and relaxing.

You can rent a timeshare at the Wyndham Old Town Alexandria in Virginia where timeshare rentals currently start at just $79/night. Or stay at or at Wyndham’s Vacation Resorts at National Harbor in Maryland, where currently timeshare rentals start at $75/night.

Both timeshare resorts have easy access to the Metro which will whisk you to a stop by the National Mall in just minutes.

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