Timeshare Travel with Teens – Where to Go in Cabo San Lucas

published on January 24, 2013 by

Cabo San Lucas features miles of beautiful beaches and deep blue water and is a wonderful destination for a timeshare vacation.

While the beach may be interesting for a day or two, the teen members of your family are going to want to explore the other action the city has to offer. Luckily, Cabo San Lucas has lots of activities for the teenagers in your family.

1. At the Beach

There are many activities on the Bay of Cabo San Lucas to keep your teens busy without ever leaving the beach. Surfing lessons and tours are available, and there are boat rental facilities. Several companies also offer parasailing tours of the bay.

Glass-bottomed boat rides are also popular in Cabo, particularly those that go to Playa del Amante to visit El Arco, the famous arch.

Teens may at first think that the Buccaneer Queen, a modern version of a classic pirate ship, is more suited to their younger siblings. Once aboard, however, teens will find many activities they will enjoy. The activities differ based on the particular cruise, but they range from snorkeling to whale watching.

2. Nightlife

Cabo San Lucas is known for its nightlife, and teens are often excited about this aspect of the city. There is an action-packed, vibrant scene after dark, and the drinking age is lower than in the U.S.

Troubled teens can be especially at risk in this environment, so parents may want to set strict boundaries and keep a keen eye on them during visits to the clubs in Cabo.

3. Outdoor Adventures

Cabo has several outlets for rock climbing, rappelling and zip lining. These activities are perfect for energetic teens, and adventure-seeking adults will also enjoy the thrills.

Cabo Adventures offers one of the most popular zip line tours, and it is available to ages 8 and up.

4. Art

There are art walks every Thursday night in San José del Cabo, and many of the stops offer activities for teens. The walk includes local paintings, pottery and sculpture.

There are also areas featuring indigenous art and a gallery with amber art that allows visitors a chance to examine bugs encased in amber.

Open-air markets selling handmade goods can be found in both Cabo San Lucas and San José. These markets are primarily aimed at tourists, and are fun for picking up inexpensive art or souvenirs.

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