Timeshare Travel: 4 Places You Thought You Couldn’t Afford

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These days so many people are on a budget – singles, families, retirees – and the thought of going on a real vacation can seem out of the question, especially if it’s to somewhere exotic or exciting. Timeshare can change all that.

Whether you buy a timeshare or rent a timeshare, your accommodations are taken care of, and all you have to do is find the inexpensive and even free things to do

Here are four vacation destinations where you may have never thought you could afford to go – and we’ll show you how you can!

1. St. Barts (see top photo).  Now is the perfect time to go to the Caribbean – hurricane season is over, and the beaches are warm and wonderful. And you don’t have to own a yacht to have a great time. For example, St. Barts, or actually Saint Barthelemy, is a fun Caribbean island that is actually part of the French West Indies.

Another French West Indies island where you can find many budget-friendly timeshare rentals, and even resales, is Saint Martin, which happens to be just 22 miles from St. Barts. Stay on Saint Martin and hop a quick 10-minute ride over.

While on St. Barts you can beach-hop the free public beaches with a picnic either prepared in your timeshare kitchen, or from locally grown foods found not only in the supermarkets but also at farmer’s markets.

If you visit during the bi-annual soldes – the twice-yearly official French sales season – you’ll be able to shop for deeply discounted local wares and souvenirs.

2. Paris Yes, you can make the glittering City of Light an affordable travel location. Here’s how: rent a budget-friendly timeshare, or buy a timeshare on the resale market. Then head out and enjoy Paris with these tips: It’s free to stroll one of the world’s grandest boulevards, the Champs-Elysees, or admire the blossoms in the Tuileries Gardens.

Buy an economical Paris Visite pass for unlimited travel on the city’s subways and buses. Dine the “bistronomy” way, in smart, relaxed bistros offering hearty but fairly inexpensive three-course meals.

3. Hawaii.Even pricey Hawaii can be an affordable travel location by using timeshare rentals. For example, it can be inexpensive to stay right on Waikiki – try the Imperial Hawaii Vacation Club where timeshare rentals currently start at just $99/night.

Many of Hawaii’s parks  are free or have minimal fees from the black-sand beach at Punalu’u Beach Park to the stunning black lava fields of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. And it costs absolutely nothing to relax on Hawaii’s free public beaches and swim in its clear, jade seas.

Feast like a Hawaiian King by buying fresh seafood, tropical fruits and vegetables at inexpensive farmer’s markets and preparing your favorite Polynesian dishes right in your timeshare kitchen.

4. New York City. This is another big city that screams expensive – but doesn’t have to be. There are timeshare rentals right in downtown Manhattan that start at just $125/night.

Many of the city’s attractions are free, including: the urban esplanade known as the High Line; the Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian; and the moving 9/11 Memorial.

Don’t forget a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for an amazing view of the city’s skyline. And a fun ride on the Staten Island Ferry gets you right out into busy New York Harbor – for free.

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