Plan a Timeshare Vacation to New Orleans – It’s Super Bowl XLVII!

published on February 1, 2013 by

It’s been a year, and millions of NFL football fans know what that means – Super Bowl Sunday!

On Sunday, February 3, 2013, Super Bowl XLVII will be played between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Superdome.

New Orleans is the perfect city to bring these two teams and their fans together for a fun winter getaway. It’s easy to find many activities to enjoy in the “Big Easy” while you wait for that Super Bowl XLVII starting kick-off.

New Orleans can be a budget-friendly timeshare vacation destination, starting with staying in a timeshare rental, then finding free places to see and things to do. Below are 7 of the top free things to do in New Orleans:

1. Tour Saint Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square
2. Visit the Historic New Orleans Collection where history has been preserved with seven “architectural treasures” in the French Quarter
3. Ride the Canal Street Ferry to Algiers Point and see the New Orleans skyline.
4. Venture into the “Cities of the Dead” for a self-guided day tour of a unique cemetery, especially St. Louis Cemetery #1, the closest one to the French Quarter.
5. Experience a cooking demonstration at the Crescent City Farmers Market (that you can then do yourself with your timeshare kitchen).
6. Watch the ships pass on the Mississippi River from Woldenberg Riverfront Park, and listen for the Steamboat Natchez’s calliope.
7. Tour the Germaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras Museum.

When you head to the Superdome (officially now called the Mercedes-Benz Superdome), take a good look around at this remarkable football stadium, and appreciate its history.

1.The Superdome opened in 1975, and is currently the largest fixed domed structure in the world.

2.Home to the NFL New Orleans Saints, and Tulane University’s football games, the Superdome itself gained world-wide media attention when, in 2005, it housed thousands of New Orleans residents who were unable to evacuate the city during Hurricane Katrina.

3.During the hurricane the Superdome itself sustained damage, and was closed as a stadium for over a year. 

Now that you’re settling into your Super Bowl seats, here is some fun Super Bowl trivia with which to dazzle your seatmates:

1. The first two Super Bowls weren’t actually called the “Super Bowl.” They went by the less catchy “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.”

2. The name “Super Bowl” was inspired by the “Super Ball,” a popular children’s toy from Wham-O (the company responsible for the Frisbee and Silly String).

3. The majority of NFL teams, 18 of 32, have won a Super Bowl in the game’s 46-year history.

4. The San Francisco 49ers are the only team to remain undefeated after multiple Super Bowls. They are 5–0.

5. The Pittsburgh Steelers currently have the most Super Bowl victories, with 6. (That could change on Sunday!)

6. Super Bowl XLVII is the tenth held in New Orleans, which will tie Miami as the metropolitan area to host the most Super Bowls.

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