Yellowstone – Spectacular Winter Timeshare Vacation

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Do you have daffodils poking through the ground, or is it still winter at your house? While some of the very southern states are seeing signs of spring, much of the country is still deep in snow, including Yellowstone National Park.

For a wondrous winter timeshare vacation head to this captivating, other-worldly National Park that exists in the two states of Wyoming and Montana (with a smidgen in Idaho).

As fascinating as the geysers, steaming pools, and thundering falls are when you visit this remarkable National Park during the summer months, Yellowstone takes on a special enchantment when in winter cold and snow.

The steam shows up more brilliantly in the chilled air, many smaller falls are frozen in mid-flight, and the wildlife seems just a bit friskier.

An enticing way to explore Yellowstone in the winter is by joining a ranger-led program. Below are 5 of the most popular:

1. Mammoth Snowshoe Discovery. January 1 – March 2. Experience the winter beauty of Mammoth Hot Springs. Snowshoes are available for rent.

2. Geysers Galore. December 15 – March 15. Watch Old Faithful erupt while a ranger explains Yellowstone’s geologic past and present, what causes the Park’s geysers, and how they all tie into volcanoes and earthquakes.

3. West Yellowstone Snowshoe Walk. December 22 – March 9. This walk takes you along the Riverside Trail, where you’ll learn about Yellowstone’s fascinating ecology, and how winter changes it all.

4. Yellowstone’s Northern Range. December 24 – February 27. This is the premier area of the Park in which to watch wildlife. Learn how all forms of life interact here, and how Yellowstone’s ecology has changed since the re-introduction of the wolf. Cross-country ski trails are maintained through the winter.

5. Junior Ranger Program. For kids 5 years old and up. Hike, cross-country ski, or snowshoe a trail, attend ranger-led programs, and complete fun activities.

Timeshares for rent are available at the Worldmark West Yellowstone, just a block from Yellowstone’s Montana West Entrance.

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