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Did you know that the HMS Titanic, one of the most famous ships ever produced by England, was actually built in Belfast, Ireland? A timeshare vacation to Ireland would now not be complete without visiting the Titanic attractions in Belfast.

Since opening in 2008 the Titanic attractions in Belfast have played host to over 1,000,000 visitors. Titanic Belfast® extends over nine galleries, with multiple dimensions to the exhibition, drawing together special effects, dark rides, full-scale reconstructions and innovative interactive features to explore the Titanic story in a fresh and insightful way – from her conception in Belfast in the early 1900s, through her construction and launch, to her infamous maiden voyage and catastrophic demise.

The tour experience goes beyond the aftermath of the sinking, to the discovery of the wreck and continues into the present day with a live undersea exploration center.

Rebated Titanic Tours
The tours range from tailored programs to short visits to specific locations and tours spread over time to make the visit ever more pleasurable. Play the VIP by obtaining the Belfast Visitor Pass to travel on all Metros, NI Railways or enjoy the Ulster bus service and concessions, a great facilitator to the different parts of the attraction throughout the city.

A bonus is enjoying the food and drink in numerous restaurants and cafes with rebate rates because of the card.

Tour Ireland
Custom-styled tours according to your time and interests can take you to the countryside or a visit along the coast to learn about the history and culture of the land. Tour guides possess the highest tourist-guide certification in Northern Ireland, who are trained to provide you with information, and may speak international languages such as German, French and Chinese. For the special guides, tourist groups are listed with the Northern Ireland Tourist Organization.

Take a boat trip to the coastal areas and river inlets to enchant yourself with the scenes of the Emerald Island. A lake tour of Lough Neagh and Fermanagh lake lands will bathe you in tranquility, and you can enjoy fishing in a river teaming with fish. Or plan a boat trip into Belfast which was a rich maritime hub.

Any Belfast tour is incomplete without a visit to the prime important locations of the Titanic affiliations. Distance tours are not limited to hours, but to days in which one can have night out to enjoy the hospitality of Ireland. You can even take a meal in the very home of Titanic survivors, but now with the grand children. 

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