Take a Timeshare Vacation to Walt Disney World for the Amazing Kinsey Collection

published on March 8, 2013 by

New at Epcot and opening today is the stunning collection owned by Bernard and Shirley Kinsey, which showcases “the African-American story of determination, courage, hope, struggle and inspiration.”

Plan a timeshare vacation to Walt Disney World to see this remarkable exhibit at the American Adventures Pavilion in Epcot.

Re-Discovering America: Family Treasures from the Kinsey Collection, is an exhibit that includes over 40 artifacts collected from 90 countries. Art, documents and other treasures represent more than 400 years of African-American achievement and contribution.

While at Walt Disney World, the Kinsey Collection will receive the Disney signature touch of special storytelling. Take a look at this behind-the-scenes look at Epcot’s Kinsey Collection exhibit with the Kinsey’s son, Khalil Kinsey .
The Kinseys are guided by the principle of “to whom much is given, much is required,” and “strive to live a life of no regrets.”

Married over 40 years, this successful couple has raised millions of dollars for numerous organizations and college programs. Their passion for African American history, art and culture has resulted in amassing one of the largest private collections of African American art and documents in the world.

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