Timeshare Travel – How to Take Advantage of Homeschooling

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If you are a homeschooling parent, you know that you are a perfect candidate for timeshare vacations that can be both educational and fun.

Since your children’s education is more flexible in schedule, you can take a vacation while also taking the opportunity to do special projects with your kids. We often associate travel with recreation, but travel can also be used as an opportunity to learn new languages, history and art.

Plan Ahead. 
While homeschooling your kids, plan your travels well in advance. Chart out the lesson schedules for the duration of the trip. You must take all materials and books needed to help your children stay up to date with their lessons.

Scheduling Sightseeing as a Learning Activity.
It is important to schedule your educational sightseeing plans while keeping in mind your children’s needs. For example, children might get tired if they are forced to walk around a huge museum with no opportunity to run around and take a break. Look for museums and kid-friendly tours.

You can quiz your children on the various things they have seen or learned. You can also show your children places of historical interest during one half of the day and devote the other half tutoring them on topics that require sit down ‘book tutoring’ instead of the more ‘experiential tutoring’ you can do with field trips.

Research Local Educational Systems.
You may need to register in advance with a local library. This could also give you access to other resources like free passes or discounts to parks, natural forests, museums or educational theme parks.

Hiring a Tutor While Traveling Abroad.
If you think you will not be able to spend time teaching your children, it is better to look for tutors in the country you are traveling in beforehand. As an idea, you could plan a lesson segment on language studies and language tutoring.

Find language tutors who will be able to teach your children new languages and concepts about a new culture for further world exposure. Traveling and learning a new language is a great way to enhance your child’s studies and give them an opportunity to develop a well-rounded character.

Use Every Opportunity.
The biggest advantage of traveling while homeschooling your kids, is the flexibility it offers. You can use almost every opportunity to teach something to your kids. It could be moral values or a new culture or language.

Your everyday activities can be used to bring out the excitement of travelling and learning new things.

A timeshare rental vacation allows you to spend up to a week in the same city or resort where your children will have the time to enjoy learning about the area, customs, language, and culture.

An additional advantage of staying in a timeshare is that the condo-like accommodations provide your children with space and a proper table and chairs to support their studies – no perching on the side of a bed or sprawling on the floor of a cramped hotel room.

About the Author: Susan Cumberland has a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and Counselling and a B. Ed at the Secondary School level and has won many entrepreneurial awards including Entrepreneur of the Year. She is currently the owner of School is Easy Tutoring, one of the largest tutoring companies in Vancouver, B.C., which offers tutors for all subjects, including languages.

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