Why Plan a Timeshare Rental Vacation to Hawaii?

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Hawaii is a string of glitteringly beautiful jewels in the blue Pacific Ocean. For a timeshare vacation with all the romance of the exotic South Seas go here for a Polynesian fire dance and orchid gardens, to say nothing of stunning sunsets, giant waves, and black sand beaches.

Toss in hillsides of snowy-white coffee bean blossoms and the spectacular hissing glow of red-hot lava as it plunges into the ocean, and you have what everyone who has ever been to Hawaii already knows – it’s a place like no other timeshare vacation on earth.

The best way to enjoy a Hawaiian vacation is to rent a timeshare for a week – or longer if you’re lucky! No matter on what island you rent your timeshare, the cost per person will be significantly lower than most hotel rooms. And you get spacious accommodations that truly allow you to relax, with separate bedrooms, a living room, and even a lanai.

With your fully equipped kitchen you’ll not only save money by not always having to eat out, but you’ll get the chance to try your hand at your own Polynesian dishes. Buy fresh fish right off of the boats; pick up fresh mangos, papaya and coconuts at the farmer’s markets; brew a pot of Kona coffee, and you’ll be feasting like Hawaiian royalty!

On Oahu you can enjoy exciting Waikiki Beach, the unbelievable surfing waves of the North Shore, and Pearl Harbor with its U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. The popular Polynesian Cultural Center (see top photo) allows you to experience the differences of the various island cultures around the Pacific Rim.

The island of Maui is full of adventure. After viewing an awesome sunrise at the top of Haleakula (see photo), whiz down its slopes on a bicycle tour. Step up the excitement of your Maui vacation by soaring above Maui’s lush tropical landscape in a powered tandem hang-glider.

Kauai is called the Garden Island and is considered the most beautiful of all of the Hawaiian Islands. On Kauai the best tourist-attractions are those created by Mother Nature herself. Breathtaking Wiamea Canyon (see photo) is known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” The awe-inspiring views of the incredible Napali Coast along Kauai’s North Shore can be enjoyed by hiking, zodiac boat, and even helicopter.

On the fascinating Big Island of Hawaii a must-see is Volcanoes National Park which showcases hundreds of thousands of years of volcanic activity. Here you’ll see roads blocked by recent lava flows, and watch Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, which has been erupting constantly for two decades. 

These are just a few of the many activities and beautiful scenery waiting for you when you plan your Hawaii timeshare rental vacation.

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