Caribbean Timeshare Vacation – Top 5 Spectacular Dive Areas in Puerto Rico

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If you’re still looking for a great Spring Break timeshare vacation destination, look no further than Puerto Rico.

Spring is the perfect time of year to visit this Caribbean island – days aren’t too hot yet, hurricane season is still a couple of months away – and discovering Puerto Rico’s amazing scuba diving scene will give you a lifetime of memories.

Due to the amazing diversity of Puerto Rico’s underwater wonders the island is fast becoming a top destination for scuba diving. Here are the top 5 diving spots:

1. Fajardo. On the eastern side of the island, off the coast of this town is where you’ll find the exciting dive sites of Superhero and Palomino Wall where you can explore small caverns, reefs, mini walls and channels decked in a variety of splendid corals.

2. Humacao. Another small town on the eastern side of Puerto Rico, off its coast are more than 30 sites within a five-mile radius that dazzle divers with beautiful caves, colorful marine life, overhangs and tunnels.

3. Cago Rojo to Guanica. Along the southwestern side of the island and paralleling the coast between these two towns is the magnificent 20 mile-long black coral La Parguera Wall. One of the Caribbean’s hottest dive sites, the wall descends in slopes and sheer drops from 60 to 120 feet before disappearing into 1,500 feet of sea. This region offers the unique opportunity to explore the waters once dominated by Spanish Galleons and Pirate Ships. Muskets, cannons and gold coins are some of the most recent finds in the area. 

4. Mayaguez. On the western side of Puerto Rico, experienced divers will find small, uninhabited islands including Mona Island. Divers refer to Mona as the Galapagos of the Caribbean for its outstanding underwater caverns, more than 270 species of fish, and large marine animals such as turtles, whales, dolphins, and even an occasional octopus.

5. Lajas. This sleepy seaside town is where you will find the island’s biggest draw of all: Phosphorescent Bay. A microscopic life form called dinoflagellates, makes the water glow in the dark like an inverted sky. Puerto Rico is the only place on the planet that has three sites where you can depend on this phenomenon to occur every night, La Parguera being one of them.

Scuba diving in Puerto Rico is a quickly growing industry, making equipment and facilities increasingly accessible.

What makes Puerto Rico unique is that divers can explore all the great wonders of the underwater world while having the opportunity to enjoy the authentic Latin experience of Puerto Rico as well through its history, culture, nightlife, golf and other sports.

Puerto Rico timeshare rentals start at just $53/night.

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