Twitter Territories: The Top 8 Accounts to Follow for Travel Chat, Tips, Resources and News

published on April 18, 2013 by

When you’re planning a timeshare vacation, getting all the travel info you can is of prime importance these days.

We’ve been taking a look around the web and on Twitter to see where we can get the best travel news and tips. The following 8 Twitter accounts are those we’ve found so far and really, really loved.

They’re in no particular order apart from alphabetical, simply because they’re all great for different reasons. 

1. Guardian Travel @GuardianTravel This is the Guardian newspaper’s word on travel – they offer up what they consider to be the latest travel news, insider guides, emerging destinations, and travel trends – so this feed is well curated and always interesting.

2. Heather Poole @Heather_Poole Heather doubles as a flight attendant for a ‘major carrier ‘ and the author of New York Times bestseller, Cruising Attitude. Oh, and she blogs. Heather’s feed is full of anecdotes from said blog as well as tips on how not to irritate your flight attendant.

3. Jeannie Mark @nomadicchick Jeanie managed to break free of being a ‘corporate cog in the wheel’ in 2010 and has since been traveling and blogging about her adventures. Sharing tips, photos and videos, Jeannie examines issues such as whether it’s safe for women travelers to couch surf alone.

4. Keith Jenkins @velvetescape Keith blogs about luxury travel, mixing his tweets up and providing his followers with RTs of tweets by other travel bloggers news sources, and travel operators. He’s great for tweeting unusual tips and lovely pictures from his travels.

5. Kristin Luna @LunaticAtLarge Kristin shares her writing, photography and trip planning with readers over on her blog, Camels and Chocolate. She’s also been pretty prolific elsewhere and has done pieces for other sites and, no less, National Geographic.

6. Londonist @Londonist London, London, London. We’re big fans of the big city, and this one gives us lots of London-centric tweets about events, news and recommendations. London, baby!

7. Lonely Planet ‏@lonelyplanet Just like its published guides, LP is a great and very genuine resource, tweeting and retweeting the best news and travel tips form around the globe. Tag your posts with #lp and, if you’re following @lonelyplanet too, they’ll retweet you if they like what you’re saying.

8. Neil Barnes @packsandbunks Neil is a self-confessed pizza lover. He tweets about his travels (often with pictures) and actively engages in the travel blogging community. We like his style.

Now that you’ve found a way to fill your travel files with tips and news, have a great vacation by staying at a budget-friendly timeshare rental.

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