Top 3 Golf Courses in the Bahamas for a Timeshare Vacation

published on May 2, 2013 by

The Bahamas is one of the most sun kissed and opulent locations in the whole world, and it has a reputation as a leading and highly coveted timeshare vacation destination.

It is also a source of many delightful surprises, with more than 700 islands located in the Bahamas archipelago which spread across more than 500 miles of golden coastline.

This naturally beautiful region has been enhanced considerably over time, and as a consequence it is home to some of some of the world’s most spectacular and challenging golf courses. Given that the Bahamas is well populated with spectacular golf resorts, it is worth assessing which particular courses stand out from the crowd.

Consider the following:

1. The Abaco Club on the Island of Abacos. 
Situated just 150 miles to the east of Miami, The Abaco Golf Club is the jewel in the crown of the picturesque Winding Bay. Conceived, designed and constructed by British travelers, it sits on the very edge of the golden shore and takes in spectacular ocean views and distant, mountainous landscapes.

Distinguished by its stunning backdrop and predominantly low, sandy terrain, the Abaco Club course is renowned for its fast running greens and firm fairways. With lush greenery contrasting sharply with crisp white bunkers, this course remains the very embodiment of a Caribbean links experience.

2. The Ocean Club on Paradise Island.
Lying just north of New Providence is the aptly named Paradise Island, which is home to one of the most long standing and famous golf courses in the Bahamas. Established in 1962, The Ocean Golf Club has recently had its spectacular 18 hole course redesigned and relayed, while the site developers have also striven to clear much of the shrubbery that distorted the breathtaking ocean views.

Organized into two returning nines, the course’s fairways veer around wetlands and create a genuinely unique layout. This also provides a considerable challenge to golfing enthusiasts, especially those who are experienced and highly skilled in their craft.

3. Lyford Cay Club on New Providence Island.
Not all golf courses are created equal, and while some are accessible to the public others remain exclusive to a select group of private members. In the quest to meet the demand of such esteemed players, designers have striven to create a championship standard golf course that both challenges and engages players in equal measure.

The result here at the Lyford Cay Club is a series of lush greens and slightly raised putting services, which are punctuated by beautifully crafted bunkers and their glorious white sands. As if to complete the sense of opulence and luxury, this course is also surrounded by stunning residential resorts and the most breathtaking, tropical foliage.

Timeshare rentals in the Bahamas abound, and many are budget-friendly.

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