Timeshare Travel – Around the World Without a Passport

published on May 8, 2013 by

All you have to do is plan a timeshare vacation to Washington, D.C. during May – for an international and cultural event that began on May 4th, and which continues through the month.

Presented by Cultural Tourism DC, the sixth annual Passport DC event gives you the opportunity to visit embassies and take part in numerous cultural events around Washington.

1. Around the World Embassy Tour.
The kickoff event took place on Saturday, May 4. This event allows you to travel the world by visiting over 40 embassies, and experiencing the food, art, dance, fashion, and music of the different countries.

You are able to tour embassies from Afghanistan to Australia, Ecuador to Egypt, Nepal to Nicaragua, and almost forty more (Canadian embassy in photo left).You’re treated to karate demonstrations, dance performances, sari wrapping lessons, and henna demonstrations.

The good news is that admission is free, and complimentary shuttle service is provided.

If you have missed it this year, now is a good time to plan a timeshare vacation to our nation’s capital for the first weekend in May, 2014.

2. Shortcut to Europe. 
Held this year on Saturday, May 11th, The European Union Delegation to the U.S. and the embassies of the EU Member States invite visitors to experience the authentic music, dance, food, film, and art of 28 distinctive nations.

You also have an opportunity for a rare behind-the-scenes look into the European Union embassies.

Again, admission is free, no reservations required, and complimentary shuttle service is provided.

3. European Month of Culture. 
This program is held all month long (May 1 – May 31), and highlights the diverse cultures of the 27 European Union Member States, plus Croatia (joining the EU July 2013).

Musical performances, art exhibits and tours, film screenings and lectures take place at the EU Embassies, and other venues including the National Gallery of Art, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts, and the Katzen Arts Center at American University.

4. National Asian Heritage Festival. 
This over-the-top event is scheduled this year for Saturday, May 18th. The Asia Heritage Foundation’s 8th annual Fiesta Asia Street Fair will take place along Pennsylvania Avenue between 3rd and 6th Streets.

More than 800 performers in 70 groups on 5 stages from over 20 cultures, a festive parade, interactive zones, and unique performances make this a day of celebration during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

You’ll find delicious food stalls, craft exhibits, and even cooking and martial arts demonstrations. There will also be kids talent contest and an organized mass street dance.

If you would like to travel the world but find yourself homebound, as it were, the perfect solution is a Washington, D.C. area timeshare rental and this amazing Passport D.C. international event.

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