Timeshare Travel – The Smart Guide to Traveling With Pets Abroad

published on May 9, 2013 by

If you’re a pet owner who is preparing to embark on a timeshare vacation out of the country with your furry-friend close by, preparation is key.

Follow our pet-travel guide and begin to prepare systematically at least two months before traveling with your pet.

1. Paperwork. First things first: collect all the necessary paperwork related to your pet’s health. The demands and restrictions of bringing pets into an area are country-specific, which means you’ll need to do new research each time you and your pet visit a different country. For each new destination, you will have to learn about government regulations concerning traveling with pets, and these can vary wildly.

Your vet should provide you with a mandatory pet passport and also offer travel related advice for your pet. Alternatively, if you are visiting the EU from a non-EU country, the pet will need an official veterinary certificate specific for that country. This paper guarantees your pet a four-month stay abroad, but only if you cross the border in less than ten days from the date of the veterinary certificate issuance.

The demands are easiest to comply with when traveling within the EU. Prior to all other requirements, you need to microchip the traveling pets. Then you can take them for the rabies vaccination, but plan this well ahead, as there is the minimum 21-day waiting period before the vaccinated pet can leave the country.

If you own a dog, a tapeworm treatment is required for most countries, and it must be performed up to five days before the departure date.

2. Flying with your pet. Before buying the plane tickets, check if your carrier and the route in question are approved for pet travel. Naturally, you want your pet as an in-cabin traveler, right by your side, if possible. 

Research online to find flights from your nearest airport which allow in-cabin pets. There are also breed restrictions, so your dog stands a better chance if it is small.

If you don’t already own one, shop for an adequate dog or cat transporter. Ask the airline client-support staff about the allowed transporter dimensions.

If you are an owner of a ferret or another small animal, it will need to travel separately as a checked cargo. Most other small pets such as turtles, birds or fish need less paperwork than dogs, cats and ferrets, and these pets must also travel in the cargo section.

The easiest task to do when you decide to take your pets on holiday is to search for a pet-friendly timeshare resort. Many resorts are now competing in this respect, so treat your pet with a stylish holiday with minimum hassle so you and your beloved fur-ball can have a holiday to remember.

Our guest author, Jennifer, is a writer and travel blogger who loves exploring mainland Europe. She is based in York, UK.