For the Graduate – 3 Top Exciting Timeshare Vacations in Europe

published on May 17, 2013 by

‘Tis the season – Graduations are in full swing across the country. If you are looking for the perfect graduation gift – think out of the wrapped box, and consider the gift of travel with a budget-friendly timeshare rental.

And to make it even more special, send your grad (and friends) to one of these exciting European destinations.

1. Ibiza, Spain.
As one of the party capitals of the world and Spain’s most stunning island retreat, Ibiza is known for its exotic nightclubs and warm, turquoise waters. This makes it a great getaway destination for grads looking for a young, hip crowd and lots of beach time.

Just as important – starting right after graduation (in May) the island has its best summer weather with beautiful, clear, sunny days – perfect for anyone wanting to unwind and people watch on the beach, or just frolic in the waves.

The summer months also attract some of the best DJs from all over the world, so at sunset the island transforms into a vibrant party that’s fun for all.

2. Paris, France. 
Those looking for a romantic vacation after graduation should look no further than Paris. This city is always a favorite among graduates wanting that quintessential European experience. Filled with art, fashion, food and culture, the City of Light offers a broad range of experiences.

Your grads can luxuriate in an afternoon at a Parisian café, visit the top of the Eiffel Tower or pay their respects to Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde at Pere-Lachaise cemetery.

If your grad is a wine enthusiast, make sure a visit to Willi’s Wine Bar with over 300 wines and a hip atmosphere is on the itinerary. And right after graduation the Parisian May climate is mild, with warm and pleasant days.

3. Rome, Italy. 
Amazing food, colorful locals, and warm summer days make Rome a fantastic post-graduation destination. Combining the old and new unlike any other destination can, this city encapsulates the history and culture of Italy, with iconic sites like the Coliseum, Pantheon, Trevi fountain and the Vatican.

And more importantly, your graduates can celebrate with the tastes of Italy by spoiling themselves with pasta, pizza, gelato and wine.

Even though there is a bustling club scene, suggest they do as the Romans do and enjoy an evening at a local piazza or café to mingle with locals over a glass of wine or a cappuccino.

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