ARDA – American Timeshare Vacationers Are Leaving Work at Home

published on June 3, 2013 by

Vacations are important and necessary, and going on a timeshare vacation this summer may be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Americans traditionally have a hard time not only taking the time to go on a vacation, but unplugging when on one. 

The good news is that a recent study by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) finds that people have begun to understand the health benefits of a vacation, especially as to how a break from work does, in the long run, make that job easier and more productive.

In order for a vacation to be beneficial, however, leaving that work at home is also part of the equation. The ARDA study results show that contrary to popular belief, Americans do know how to unplug, unwind, and rejuvenate on vacation.

A recent survey of 1,000 vacationers, conducted by The Research Intelligence Group (TRiG) for ARDA, indicates an impressive 75 percent of respondents not doing any work on their vacations.

“Our industry has long advocated for taking a true vacation—not just working from a nicer place,” said Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of ARDA.

“Today’s leading health studies reinforce our message—that there are so many physical and mental health benefits that come with really ‘unplugging.’ And we’re happy to see so many people doing so.”

Only 12 percent of respondents admitted working one or two days while on vacation, and 13 percent said they did some work over three days. But a full 87 percent said they would prefer to vacation without having to do any work.

Vacationers are still bringing their technology on leisure travel. However, in most cases, it is for pleasure and not work. Fifty-one percent brought their laptop, but only 17 percent of them used it for work. Thirty-nine percent brought their iPad or tablet device, with only nine percent using either device for work.

Taking a vacation at a timeshare resort, whether you buy a timeshare on the resale market, or stay in a timeshare rental, makes unplugging almost a no-brainer.

The timeshare is spacious, giving you an opportunity to truly relax. And the timeshare resort is chocked-full of amenities, including pools with waterpark features, hot tubs, tennis courts, and even arcade game rooms. 

Many timeshare resorts also offer more opportunities for relaxation and fun, such as golf, water sports, arts and craft classes, dancing classes, on-site clubs with karaoke, barbecue get-togethers, volleyball tournaments, ice cream socials – the list is endless.

You’ll be so busy relaxing that you won’t have a chance to even think about work.

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