Timeshare Travel – Discover Edinburgh’s Historic Beltane Fire Festival

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This is a festival not to be missed, so now is the time to start planning a timeshare vacation visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, for next spring to experience the magic of the Scottish capital’s annual Beltane Fire Festival.

Join in the celebrations and say goodbye to winter in style by watching some of folklore’s famous figures in a traditional Beltane procession before the lighting of the Beltane bonfire at the witching hour.

This beloved yearly event, which has been running since 1987, is a revival of an ancient pagan festival designed to celebrate the arrival of spring and the fertility of the land.

Beltane was one of eight festivals that took place during the course of the pagan year and its main feature was the lighting of fires, the smoke and flames from which were believed to cleanse the land, protect it from dark forces and prevent disease in livestock.

A sacred fire, known as the Neid Fire, would be lit during each hamlet’s Beltane celebration, and this would
be used to light larger bonfires.

Thousands of people head to Edinburgh each year to participate in the festival, which takes place on Calton
Hill in the heart of the city.

What you’ll see at a Beltane Fire Festival

The fun generally starts at 9.30 at night. The Neid Fire will be lit and a procession, led by the May Queen and the Green Man, will make its way around the hill from the National Monument to the location of the bonfire, then to its final destination, known as the Bower, bringing the whole area alive with the sound of drums.

During the procession, which represents a dance through the world of spirits, the May Queen will attempt to
convince the Horned God that it is time for him to oust winter and welcome in the summer.

You can watch the procession pass from a fixed point in the park, or follow it as it makes its way to the Bower. You can also enjoy the spectacle of the lighting of the main bonfire at midnight and watch the procession’s participants dance before they enter the Bower to enjoy a well-earned feast.

When you make plans to attend the Beltane Fire Festival, you can make the most of your visit by exploring Edinburgh’s many attractions, such as Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Zoo and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. 

You can also enjoy unique and delicious dining experiences in the many top-rated Edinburgh restaurants.

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