Summer Timeshare Vacation – Another Thrill Ride: Slotzilla!

published on June 19, 2013 by

“Zip line to zing tourists through Las Vegas.”

 Take a timeshare vacation and you soon will have a new way to see the lights of Las Vegas – by being spit out of the mouth of an 11-story slot machine and zinged down a five-block zip line past some of the city’s oldest casinos.

A permanent zip line, dubbed “SlotZilla,” on the downtown Las Vegas promenade known as the Fremont Street Experience, is scheduled to open sometime this summer, 2013. The zip line is costing $11 million to build and will cost $20 to $30 to ride.

The attraction is actually an expansion of a much smaller, temporary zip line, Flightlinez Las Vegas, that has proved to be a crowd-pleaser.

Billed as the world’s largest slot machine, Slotzilla will dispense people instead of cash from its towering launch pad.

A first-of-its-kind “power launch” system shoots riders at accelerated speeds on zip lines beneath Fremont’s LED canopy. The new attraction will have two tiers of four zip lines.

The lower lines will extend 850 feet and hang 75 feet above the ground and riders in harnesses will fly in a seated position. The top lines will be 112 feet high and the line will extend 1,700 feet to the front of the Golden Gate hotel-casino.

On the top lines, riders will fly in “super-hero position,” lying flat in harnesses, and will be launched at speeds of 35 mph from the propulsion launch system.

The Fremont Street Experience zip line started out as a 30-day promotional experiment with Flightlinez. Hundreds of thousands of riders later, the Fremont Street Experience board, comprised of downtown resort executives, began looking at how it could develop a permanent zip-line attraction.

A team of developers and designers that have worked for the Walt Disney Co. and Universal Studios Theme Parks are working together on the SlotZilla project.

Las Vegas timeshare rentals start at just $79/night right on the Strip.

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