No Hassel but Yummy! Tips for Your Timeshare Kitchen

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One of the best advantages to a timeshare vacation is the kitchen. This is especially true if you have a family. 

The kitchens in most timeshare resorts are full-sized and come well equipped. Using the kitchen allows you to save money on eating out for three meals a day. And while cooking on vacation may not be your first choice, the savings and convenience make it worthwhile.

Seasoned timeshare travelers have lots of tips to offer that make using the timeshare kitchen an easy way to prepare yummy meals for hungry families.

1. Sara:
 I do the pasta thing with cans of peeled tomato which you can almost add anything to: fish, meat or chicken. 

And try bean salads. Buy 1 can of as many different beans as you think your kids can stand, wash and drain, pour them into a large bowl, mix with some olive oil and wine vinegar and finely chopped onion (optional) and refrigerate. It’s great at lunch with some sandwiches or as a 2nd with pasta. You’ll find it lasts you for days, great for a quick snack.

2. Kay:
I buy a roasted chicken at the supermarket, add a veggie, frozen fries and Italian bread. The kids love it and it is easy for me.

3. Luanne:
Something that’s become a favorite of our kids is “salad bar”. We get meats from the deli, veggies, other salad-type stuff, spread it all out on the table, and let everyone fix their own. That and some special bread makes a great meal, and is so easy.

4. Rene:
Our tip is for those who are flying to their destination.

The first day of travel can be a long day with kids. We always pack a first night meal and a first breakfast in our suitcase, so we can just plop into the timeshare pool without having to go out for groceries until next day, when we’re more rested.

1st Dinner – Large can of spaghetti sauce (not the glass jars that break!), small can diced tomatoes (Italian-style, nice) dried angel hair pasta (cooks in 5 mins.), and a small un-opened green canister of parmesan cheese.

1st Breakfast – Each kid’s favorite cereal in a small ziplock, Instant Oatmeal, and boxed-drink milk for the cereal. Or you could use canned milk or 1% lowfat dried milk (in an envelope, add water, not bad) — depending on your kids preference.

We also bring lots of microwave bacon (no refrigeration required) and travels well. And we might buy a package of Danish ahead of time and pack that, too.

If you haven’t experienced the ease and convenience of a timeshare kitchen, plan this summer’s vacation with a timeshare rental and check it out for yourself!

And you timeshare veterans – share your “no hassle but yummy” timeshare kitchen meal and snack tips in the comment section below!

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Source: Timeshare Users Group forum