Timeshare Vacation – Free Things to Do in the City Part 3 – San Francisco

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You can have a fun and busy timeshare vacation on a budget in many cities by staying in a budget-friendly timeshare rental, and taking advantage of the free things to do that most cities offer.

In a 5-part series we are taking a look at cities where you can have a great time with real no-cost entertainment. Part 3 – San Francisco.

The City by the Bay is one beautiful spot. Built on hills alongside a bay, there is one postcard view after another. It’s also an exciting city for culture and entertainment, much of which is free.

1. Drive. Just driving the steep hills in San Francisco is an adventure. You’ll have plenty of stories to tell the folks back home.

For a great tour of the area, follow the city’s 49-mile Scenic Drive which takes you from Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf to Mission Delores and Lake Merced.

Once you get the knack of driving in San Francisco, finish off on a drive down world-famous Lombard Street, with – count them – eight tight hairpin curves.

2. Golden Gate Bridge. The most iconic landmark in the city is yours to explore up close. It’s absolutely free to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge (see top photo), a unique way to experience one of the most photographed structures in the world.

Close enough to touch the welded rivets and to look straight up at the suspension cables, you can try to picture what it would have been like to build this world-famous bridge.

3. San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. The Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood is where you’ll find this fascinating tribute to the all-important maritime history of San Francisco.

Historic ships are docked at Hyde Street Pier, including the 1886 square-rigger Balclutha and the 1915 steam schooner Wapama, all set against views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The visitor’s center is free and has fascinating exhibits on the history of maritime voyages that have had a major influence in creating San Francisco as the world-class city it is today.

4. Ghiardelli Chocolate. A tour of Ghirardelli’s flagship store and former factory is free.

Here you can see the company’s original chocolate-making equipment on display, and yes, you’ll also receive free samples of chocolate.

The surrounding Ghirardelli Square is on the National Register of Historic Places.

5. Well Fargo History Museum. This free museum in the financial district traces the exciting timeline and activities of San Francisco’s frenzied Barbary Coast Gold Rush era.

6. San Francisco Cable Car Museum. While riding a cable car is not free, this museum is. Here you can watch the machinery work that winds the 11 miles of steel driving the cable cars about town.

San Francisco’s cable cars are the only American national historic landmark which moves.

7. Victorian Homes Walk. Take a free self-guided walking tour of San Francisco’s iconic Victorian architecture. On hill-free Pacific Heights, you’ll see beautiful Victorian row houses, famous mansions, and lovely gardens.

This is your opportunity to get up close to some of San Francisco’s most charming and alluring homes.

San Francisco timeshare rentals start as low as $136/night in the heart of downtown.

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