Timeshare Travel – How to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

published on July 11, 2013 by

There was once a time when you didn’t have to pay extra fees to the airlines just so you could bring some luggage on your timeshare vacation.

In the past there were very little stipulations on what you could check when flying but times change. It may seem strange to remember the golden era of no baggage fees, it really wasn’t too long ago.

Let’s not forget that you also used to be able to smoke on a plane, ride with your seatbelt unfastened, and security lines didn’t even exist. But, let’s stick to the baggage fees.

To begin with, airline baggage fees are there for one reason, and one reason only, money. Think about the ever increasing cost of fuel, wages for airline employees, and the immense cost that goes into the production of the plane in the first place. The airlines need to make more money somehow, and they found it in luggage fees.

What happens when you’re en route to your timeshare rental and you have the entire family with you? The fees add up and suddenly you realize your vacation budget is taking a beating. Typically everyone else pays the extra fees, hopes that their luggage arrives at their destination (in one piece), and doesn’t give it a second thought.

But there is another way. Save time and money by shipping your luggage with a reliable shipping company. Imagine packing your bags just like you typically do in the days leading up to the trip, having the bags picked up before you leave, and reuniting with your bags at your timeshare.

If there’s one way to avoid the stress and hassles of checking your luggage at the airport, this is it. Now with the money saved you can purchase all kinds of memorabilia and souvenirs to make your vacation last forever.

It’s time to break the status quo and start being travel savvy. There are so many great reasons to ship your luggage that you might be sitting there wondering why you didn’t think to do this before.

There is, however, one downside if you ship your luggage versus checking it and paying the airline extra fees…you won’t get the workout of lugging those heavy bags around the airport!

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Photo Credit: theluggagelady.com