Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday Photo – The Angles of the Denver Art Museum

published on July 16, 2013 by

The Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. Submitted by A. Perkins, Wyoming.

The Denver Art Museum is one of the largest museums west of Chicago. The newest addition is the Federic D. Hamilton Building which opened in 2006.

This ambitious project doubled the size of the museum, allowing for expansion of exhibition space for the more than 68,000 diverse works in the museum’s collection.

Architect Libeskind created a building of 20 extended angular planes. The angular design juts in many directions, and none of the 20 planes is parallel or perpendicular to another.

This has created unique challenges to hanging and displaying art on walls that do not have a 90 degree angle.

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