Timeshare Travel – 4 Essential Child Toilet-Training Tips for Traveling

published on July 25, 2013 by

For most parents, keeping up with the toilet training process while traveling to a timeshare vacation poses a big challenge.

There are many parents who have difficulty on a  family vacation because it is indeed stressful to change underpants and visit public restrooms when traveling away from home.

In order to help you deal with this dilemma, here are 4 useful tips:

1. Potty Stool Made for Traveling. 
The first thing to do is to get a potty stool that is designed for travel. Travel stools not only fold when not in use, but make use of a disposable plastic bag container for waste.

Bringing this lightweight tool along while travelling will also minimize accidents at the same time providing ultimate comfort to the child.

2. Public Restrooms. Whether you are in the airport, bus station, train station and other public place, the use of the public restroom is always a challenge for parents who are toilet-training their little ones.

Toddlers are often scared especially when there are a lot of new faces around. Also, the sound of strange toilet flushing creates fear and discomfort to them, so flushing the toilet should be done after everything is finished. 

The trick in making your child comfortable in a public restroom is to bring along a foldable potty seat that could fit properly into the parameter of the general toilet size.

3. Reward. Toilet training while traveling is also like training at home. Your child will be motivated if there is a reward after he or she successfully goes. Often rewarding them with their favorite toys could make them more obedient.

4. Be Prepared for Slips. The last useful toilet training tip for traveling is preparation for possible slips. Getting a piddle pad is the trick. The pad is placed on the car seat so the child’s slips will be contained, protecting the car’s seat from getting soiled and wet.

Conducting toilet-training while on the road is never an easy task. These tips will walk you through the process. Try it and you will see how effective these methods are.

Our guest author, Michael Olson, is a child behavior professional who specializes in effective toilet training techniques. You can find more information about his toilet training techniques for boys and for girls.

Photo Credit: sweetblossomphotography.com