Timeshare Travel – Top 5 Movies for Travel Inspiration

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To get on this elite list, a movie must meet certain criteria. It has to really capture the essence of the places it features: the people, the sights and the panoramas, as well as inspiring the desire to travel.

There are some films that just have you reaching for the laptop to look up flight prices. Here is a countdown of our favorites:

5. Endless Summer (1966) – Worldwide
If you are a sun worshiper, then the idea of traveling the world in search of the endless summer, as portrayed by this cult surf docu-movie, probably sounds ideal. Even if you can’t surf, you’ll want to sit on some of these beaches.

This film was shot in Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, Nigeria, and California.

4. Cast Away (2000) – Uninhabited Island, South Pacific
Tom Hanks is in paradise; totally alone with no contact with the outside. Unfortunately, this is because he is the only survivor of a plane crash. The film, which is dialogue-light, but visually sumptuous, will satisfy your curiosity about the reality of being stranded on a desert island.

Set in the South Pacific many scenes were filmed in Monuriki in Fiji and the Philippines.

3. Lost in Translation (2003) – Japan
This Sofia Coppola film is full of farcical misunderstandings and brilliant acting. The film portrays the human side of travel – the cultural differences and the funny side of the language barrier.

Filmed in Tokyo and Kyoto, the movie includes the beautiful Heian Shrine, Shibuya Crossing and the Ryoan-Ji Temple. All well worth a visit and each site is representative of Japan’s religious and cultural history, manic crowds and Zen serenity.

2. The Beach (2000) – secret island, Thailand
A visceral story of traveling in search of the unattainable – the perfect remote destination – Danny Boyle’s masterpiece adaptation of Alex Garland’s novel is a feast for the senses.

The iconic shot of ‘the beach’ is actually Ko Phi Phi Lee, Thailand (see top photo), which was environmentally damaged by 20th Century Fox pre-filming (removing trees, reshaping dunes etc).

The beach was all but destroyed by the tsunami of 2004, but has been reconstructed.

1. Seven Years in Tibet (1997) – Tibet
This Brad Pitt epic features shots that you could easily frame and put on your wall. It is based on the true story of Austrian explorer Heinrich Harrer’s journey to Tibet and his encounters with the young Dalai Lama.

If snow-topped mountains, rich colours and the meeting of cultures float your travel boat this is the film for you. In reality, this kind of travel in Tibet requires all kinds of visas and Chinese military permission.

Because the story follows the build up to Harrer’s arrival in Tibet, we are treated to scenes in Chile, Canada, Argentina and Austria too.

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Our guest author, Caroline Lloyd, is the travel insurance expert at Gocompare.com.

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