Timeshare Travel – San Francisco and the America’s Cup

published on September 19, 2013 by
America's CupThroughout this summer San Francisco Bay has been the scene of the famed sailing competition known as the America’s Cup.
A  San Francisco timeshare vacation this week will allow you to be part of the exciting finish as the Finals conclude on Saturday, September 21.
An international sport, The America’s Cup is not named after the country, but rather the name of the winning schooner in the first international sailing competition held in 1851.

Visitors from around the world have been flocking to San Francisco since the 34th America’s Cup competition began in July. It’s easy to watch the races first-hand from just about anywhere along San Francisco’s waterfront.

In addition, before and after the day’s race you can enjoy activities and entertainment at the America’s Cup Village.

What’s the big deal about the America’s Cup?

Take  a look:

1. The World’s Fastest Boats

Two new catamaran designs are being tested and used in the 2013 America’s Cup. The AC72 is the version that is racing this week in the Finals.

Powered by a towering wing sail the AC72 i capable of top speeds in excess of twice the windspeed. At 72 feet long, 48 feet wide and powered by a 131-foot tall win sail, “the craft is a speed machine the likes of which has never been seen in America’s Cup racing.”

2. The World’s Best Sailors
From Olympic Gold Medalists to championship winners from around the globe, the America’s Cup attracts the best sailors in the world.

“The AC72 demands more of the crews than ever before,” explained a race official. “Athleticism is now a critical requirement for all crew members. The smaller crew size of 11 means every role n the boat is crucial to success, and each crew member will face physical demands equal to the toughest sports in the world.”

3. Oldest Sporting Trophy in the World
The America’s Cup is considered to be the most difficult trophy in sport to win. In the more than 150 years since the first race off England, only four nations have won what is often called the oldest trophy in international sports.

There are many budget-friendly San Francisco timeshare rentals where you can stay while enjoying the heady atmosphere of an America’s Cup race.

Photo Credit (top): sail-world.com
Photo Credit (bottom): sfyic.com