Vacation Villa vs. Hotel Room – A Mom’s Perspective

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Having rented timeshare villas for all of our family vacations in the last five years, I’m admittedly a little spoiled. I didn’t realize the extent of it, though, until we rented a hotel room last summer. If you (or one of your travel mates) are on the fence about which way to go, check out this top 10 list of timeshare

1. Home away from home – after four or more hours on the road or in the air, there’s just no way to describe how it feels when you walk into a spacious villa.

Vacation villa vs. hotel room2. A place for everything – I’m a bit of a neat freak but I find that it’s much less stressful to unpack, put everything away, and move around without constantly tripping over STUFF.

3. Ugly coffee – before I put on make-up and tame the bed head, I enjoy a brewed cup of my favorite coffee on the balcony…best mornings ever!

4. Dine-in option – after three or four days of restaurants, I prefer a home-cooked meal around the table in the villa (you can’t do that in a hotel room!).

5. Selective eaters – I won’t call my son fussy but if I didn’t have a fridge to stock with his healthy favorites, his vacation diet would be limited to chicken fingers and fries.

6. Making memories – friends gathered in the kitchen and around the dining table, margs in the blender, a breeze coming in through the patio doors, good tunes…that’s what vacations are all about!

7. Poolside refreshments – most timeshare resorts offer snacks and bevies around the pool, which is a great option, but your dollar goes a lot further when you pack a cooler of goodies from your villa.

8. Two TVs  – after a great day out and about, a little down time that doesn’t include SpongeBob SquarePants is nice.

9. Money, money, money – there’s just no beating the value of a timeshare rental when you consider meal savings and the free resort amenities and activities.

10. Separate bedroom – enough said 🙂

BOTTOM LINE: You get more for your vacation dollar in a timeshare resort. I’ve booked Marriott and Wyndham villas (one- and two-bedroom units) for my family and our friends in Wisconsin Dells, Orlando, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas – and we’ve never been disappointed. My RedWeek membership has paid for itself many times over!

This blog post was submitted by Cindy, a frequent traveler and happy RedWeek member out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Want to submit your own perspective?  Post a comment below and we’ll get you the details!

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