Thanksgiving: RedWeek CEO reflects…

published on November 28, 2013 by

We’re coming to a great time of year when travel is largely oriented around families and friends getting together.  And Thanksgiving dinner toasts and conversations include prayers and reflections on what we have to be thankful for.  So, in that spirit… I’d like to share a few comments of my own.

When a group of us founded RedWeek over 11 years ago, we dreamed that we could discover how to use technology to satisfy needs of a large group of people.  We’ve done that… though we know we didn’t do it by ourselves.  RedWeek is the result of trust by the nearly 2 million people who’ve registered with us and use the site to accomplish their own objectives. Some are monetizing their significant investments in vacation ownership.  Others are finding excellent vacation accommodations at very reasonable prices.  We see that trust though we work in two industries, timesharing and the Internet, where there are enough bad players to make such trust uncommon.

In addition, we who founded and manage RedWeek have been very fortunate to find a very special group of people to form the company.  If you’ve contacted our customer service team you’ve met some of the best. Our people are dedicated to making sure that you are satisfied with your participation with RedWeek.  They are honest. They are interested in you… and they are having fun.  Many are work-at-home moms.  They live in several different states, they work in their living rooms and home offices.  Others on our team are constantly working through ways to promote our site to continue the growth… finding other people like you who can benefit from our service. Still others work diligently on the technology, making sure that we stay functional and user-friendly while we add services that we feel benefit you. We also have financial members who deal with the banks, keep our taxes and bills paid.

So, on this Thanksgiving day (and actually on all days), I’m grateful for you – our customers, for our wonderful team, and to God for the gift of this young country we live in, where honest hard work brings the reward of dreams fulfilled.

May you all have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving,

Randy Conrads
RedWeek CEO