Vacation Planning With Pinterest!

published on December 18, 2013 by

As timeshare owners and renters, we take our vacation planning pretty seriously. And hey, that’s nothing to be ashamed of! If you’re anything like me, you probably spend quite a bit of your pre-vacation planning scouring the internet, hunting down the must-see’s and must-do’s of your given destination. If this routine sounds all-too-familiar, let me introduce you to one my favorite websites to make planning a whole lot easier – Pinterest!

Just some of RedWeek’s favorite boards!

Pinterest is a creative take on social networking that works differently from social mainstays like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest operates off the core concept of collecting ‘Pins’ into a collage of sorts. A Pin can be almost anything – a photo, a recipe, a quote… the list goes on. Pins can be sorted into any number of user-specific boards, making organization and micro-management a snap. All Pins also link back to their original source and this makes it a beautiful way to compile information and images from a number of different sources.

Just a glance at one of the many travel boards make it clear how well suited Pinterest is for planning your perfect trip. On the hunt for a new vacation spot? Search “travel destinations” and check out the hundreds of ideas that are put forth for your perusal. Once you find something that sounds like a good fit, make a board! From here, you can go wild… use Pinterest to scope out the resorts in the region, as well as attractions and travel tips. You can even use the new Place Pins feature to map out your entire vacation.

Check out a Sedona-based board we whipped up!

Place Pins adds a new spin to your Pinterest board – with a simple click, your Pins are integrated in a map of the region you’re working with. As you build your board with more and more Pins, your map gradually fills up and evolves in an interactive, ever-growing travel guide. It becomes all too easy to pour hours into Pinning together every little nook and cranny you want to experience (guilty!), or checking out the dream vacations of other users.

Our Sedona board shows off the Place Pins feature – your own
personal travel guide!
You’ve heard our take, so give it a try! Also, be sure to check out and follow RedWeek’s page on Pinterest. We’ve got some great Place Pins to help you get started, as well as travel tip board to make life easier when out and about. And if you have some travel boards you’ve created, let us see them! Link your boards in the comments – we’re always looking for some new avid Pinners to follow!